Aqua Smart Pool and Spa Services Inc. is currently accepting new residential and commercial accounts.

Maintenance Packages

  • Basic Package Weekly Chemical Balance & Monthly Filter Cleaning
  • Basic Plus Basic Chemicals checked weekly, Tile & Dip Net, brushing & Filter Cleaning as needed.
  • Smart Package This contains Basic Chemical check weekly. The Tile, Dip net, brushing, filter cleaning & Vacuum will be done as needed.
  • Deluxe Package Chemical check & vacuum every week. Tile, Dip net, brushing & Clean Filter as needed.
  • Condo Package Chemical Balance twice a week.  Tile, Dip net, brushing, vacuum & Clean Filter as needed.


  • Brush Walls & Pool Floor
  • Shock Treatment
  • Clean Filter
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Acid Wash  as needed 


  • Chemical Balance (Twice Weekly)
  • Brush Pool (Twice Weekly)
  • Clean Dip net (Twice Weekly)
  • Bristle Vacuum as needed

Leak Detection

  • Dye Check
  • Dive Check
  • Pressure Check

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